Accessing health care services digitally is a boon in itself. Manning Audiology now provides tele-health services by way of which you can connect with an audiologist in the comfort of your home and seek the assistance you need. 

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In the wake of the pandemic, it became an increasing necessity to be able to access healthcare services without having to venture far and wide as lockdown curbs were introduced. Tele-health picked up speed and today, numerous people have benefitted from the same. Manning Audiology aims to provide the highest standard of services and state-of-art care to you even if this may be virtual. Your audiology needs are a call away. 

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How does tele-health work?

The person can either have a virtual appointment from the comfort of their home or visit a satellite clinic that is closest to them. A way of caring for people remotely and offering services that can help in the time of a pandemic when it is impertinent to reduce the contact you have with others. 

Though audio-visual conferencing is an advantage, it presents challenges too and steps are being taken to counter these. One of the challenges is how an audiologist can help a person with their hearing aids through a virtual appointment. This has been countered by the way of apps that can be downloaded enabling the audiologist to access a person’s hearing aids and programme them. 

If the situation is grim or video conferencing is not enough to get an idea of the person’s condition, the audiologist will arrange to see them in person. 

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What are the benefits of tele-health?

  • Patients with limited mobility can still get access to premium healthcare
  • In times of the pandemic, person-to-person contact is minimised 
  • Real-time video calls enable people to get instant help to their queries instead of waiting for an appointment for an urgent complaint
  • Trivial issues can be resolved quickly without the need for you to visit the healthcare centre

The digital age has transformed the way healthcare functions. In order to continue getting the best of these services, one must keep pace with the changes. Manning Audiology experts are

  • Trained to provide care through this virtual model 
  • Equipped with the digital apps required to help people with hearing aid queries
  • Are well-versed in providing premium care through satellite

Why choose Manning Audiology?

Hearing is a subject of extreme importance. At Manning Audiology we believe in people having the right to services that are affordable and cater to their every hearing need. Our foundation rests on:

  • Professional expertise 
  • Affordable services 
  • Audiologists you can trust due to their years of experience
  • Efficient testing and treatment 
  • Industry-approved hearing aids 
  • Premium quality of hearing services 
  • Home visits 
  • Tele-health
  • CAPD evaluation

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Solutions that Makes Life Better

While there can be various reasons for a decrease in hearing ability including age, genetic build, injury or certain health conditions, there are ample solutions available today that you can avail of.

The following funding options can be availed at our clinics:

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