Audeara wireless bluetooth headphone + TV bundle

Making your favourite songs even better, the Audeara Wireless Bluetooth Headphone + TV Bundle provide exceptional clarity. Those who enjoy not simply listening to beats, but also really looking for subtle notes, will love these pair of headphones. Find these at Manning Audiology. 

The headphones provide extraordinary sound quality and are wonderful for streaming music and even put into use while attending virtual sessions. 

The features that make the Audeara Wireless Bluetooth Headphone + TV Bundle stand out are:

  • Seamless noise cancellation
  • 65 long hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • A sleek and compact BT-01 transceiver that can be connected to the stereo and enables one to hear what is going on on TV
  •  Hi-Fi digital audio can be streamed from the music system or TV
  • Can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet or laptop

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Our eShop has products that would help you with your hearing needs and enhance the quality of your life. 

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