Adult Hearing Tests

Hearing tests are those that are designed to measure if a person has sensorineural or conductive damage that is hampering the passage of sound. The battery of tests determines different aspects of perception and conduction of sound in order to find out where the damage lies. Manning Audiology offers these adult hearing tests. 

Hearing loss can be of three kinds

Sensorineural hearing loss is when the nerve that extends from the inner ear to the brain is affected. This kind of hearing loss is irreversible. 

Conductive hearing loss is when the passage of sound in the middle ear or outer ear is affected. If found in time, there can be much done to remove the blockage. 

Mixed hearing loss is a combination of the above

A hearing test is painless and non-invasive. The entire process is curated to determine where the problem lies and also if the problem can be corrected or helped. Having a hearing loss could make adults isolate themselves as they do not partake in conversations and get uncomfortable in social situations. This could be corrected by letting the audiologists help you in time. 

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What do adult
hearing tests comprise?

The screening process carried out to determine hearing loss involves several tests, either conducted individually or coupled to get the best results. The hearing tests are listed here along with a description of what the test involves and what it aims to detect. Manning Audiology experts will explain to you which one they will be performing. 

Pure-tone test

Why is the test done?
During hearing loss, everyone experiences it to varying degrees. The test aims to check the extent to which a person can hear.

How is the test performed?
The subject wears a pair of headphones and a series of sounds of varying degrees of loudness and pitch are sent to the headphones. Upon hearing the sound, the subject is required to raise a hand to indicate they have heard it.

Pure-tone test
Adult Hearing Tests at Manning Audiology

Speech recognition testing

Why is the test done? 
Hearing loss often impacts how sound is perceived and also how one speaks. The test is formulated to check if a person can distinguish between speech and noise and also if the perception of sound is correct. 
How is the test performed? 
The subject wears a pair of headphones and the audiologist will speak words at varying degrees of volume. The subject is required to repeat these words. The exercise sometimes takes place in a noisy environment to help determine if the subject can distinguish speech from background noise. 


Why is the test done?
Hearing loss can sometimes occur due to a temporary misnomer like fluid or wax buildup. The vibrations of the eardrum are crucial to the passage of sound.
How is the test performed?
A device is fit inside the ear that pushes air into the ear, thus making the eardrum vibrate. If there is no blockage, the vibrations will be undisturbed and will be recorded on a tympanogram.
Adult Hearing Tests - Manning Audiology

Acoustic Reflex Measures

Why is the test done?
There is a muscle in the ear that contracts when exposed to loud sounds. If hearing loss is present, its degree can be determined depending upon how loud a sound is needed for the muscle to contract.
How is the test performed?
A rubber tip is placed inside the ear canal. Loud sounds of varying degrees are sent to the ear through the tip and recorded on a machine.

Why choose Manning Audiology?

Hearing is a subject of extreme importance. At Manning Audiology we believe in people having the right to services that are affordable and cater to their every hearing need. Our foundation rests on:

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The percentage of adults between 45 to 64 years of age who have a hearing loss is 14%. In order to avoid detecting the condition later when it is worsened, it is best to get a timely hearing check-up done every now and then to ascertain that your sound perception is good.

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While there can be various reasons for a decrease in hearing ability including age, genetic build, injury or certain health conditions, there are ample solutions available today that you can avail of.

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