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Early identification of hearing loss is important to ensure you can live a full life without any limitations.

Offering expert knowledge and hearing health advice, Manning Audiology Morayfield puts your lifestyle needs first. Our Audiologist is Masters qualified and is able to offer advanced assessment and management options for a range of hearing and auditory processing conditions. We offer adult hearing tests, hearing aids for pensionershearing tests for kids (including babies)cochlear implant candidacy assessments, cochlear implant mapping, and central auditory processing (CAP) testing.

At Our Morayfield Clinic, We Can Help You If You:

  • Are looking for comprehensive assessment and management of your hearing. We even have specialised diagnostic equipment to test babies! 
  • Need assistance with removing stubborn ear wax.
  • Are seeking tailored information on the right hearing aid for you, across a range of brands. Suited to your lifestyle and budget. 
  • Wish to explore the latest information and advice to manage your tinnitus. 
  • Would like to test for any Central Auditory Processing (CAP) issues.
  • Are interested in finding out about hearing protection and other assistive listening devices. 
  • Are considering a cochlear implant.
  • Vertigo issues? We have the latest testing equipment (coming soon).

Age-related Hearing Loss Is Rampant. Get A Hearing Test Done Today!

Age-related hearing loss is a common condition where we often see a decline in the high-pitched tones. While this process is gradual, it can have a significant impact on a person’s social interactions and relationships with others. As our hearing pathways connect to the memory and auditory perception centres of our brains, high quality research has revealed that early treatment of hearing loss can prevent dementia and slow cognitive decline. It all comes down to ‘use it or lose it’ whereby hearing aids can work to re-stimulate under-performing hearing pathways up to the brain. 

These are the signs that you may have the condition:

  • Issues with clarity of speech (not necessarily the volume),
  • Increased listening effort in group settings,
  • Having to frequently ask others to repeat themselves, especially when background noise is present,
  • Increasing issues with ringing or buzzing in the ears, 
  • Issues hearing others on the phone or having to rely on TV subtitles. 

If you experience the above symptoms, you should see an Audiologist at our Morayfield clinic for advice and treatment. 

At Our Manning Audiology Morayfield Centre, We Provide Hearing Tests And Treatment Options

The sooner the condition is detected, the sooner you can take active steps to help your situation. It is advised that if you are over 60, you have your hearing checked regularly. Being able to listen to sounds is crucial to being a part of your surroundings. Get help in time.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Hearing Clinics?
We Are Independent And Family Owned

At the clinic, here is what you can expect:

  • If you wish to, before getting into the entire program, opt into a 5 minute Hearing Screening. 
  • A 1 hour comprehensive test appointment with an Audiologist in Morayfield, where your lifestyle choices will be addressed and analysed in accordance with how your ears are affected. 
  • The Hearing Services Program subsidies and health fund rebates for those who are looking for funding schemes. 
  • Payment Plan options that are secure and user friendly.
  • A FREE* Hearing Test at our clinic (conditions apply).
  • Access to advanced diagnostic services rarely offered elsewhere, such as central auditory processing testing, vestibular testing, tinnitus testing & auditory brainstem response testing (conditions apply)

* FREE 5 minute Hearing Test available to adults over the age of 26 years. 

** Payment Plan Terms and Conditions apply.

# Hearing Services Program subsidies are only available to eligible clients. Conditions apply to clients under the Australian Government Hearing Service Program.

^ Check with your health fund provider to find out what rebates may apply to you.

*** Hearing screens provide a preliminary indication of hearing acuity and are intended to provide guidance regarding whether further diagnostic assessment may be beneficial. If the results of your hearing screen indicate that you may benefit from a full Hearing Test, our clinic staff can book a full Hearing Test with a clinician for you at no cost to you if you are over the age of 26 years and eligible for the Hearing Services Program. 

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