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At our hearing clinics, we have a unique process for helping you find the best solution for your needs.

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Our range of comprehensive tests and expert advice throughout your consultation ensures that you are getting the right device. Additionally, we offer finance options that make it incredibly easy to get your device.

At Manning Audiology, we understand that one device cannot be perfect for all. That’s why we work with top brands and manufacturers to ensure that you get hearing devices that fit your lifestyle and needs. With comprehensive hearing tests, personalised device recommendations, fitting and adjustments, experience world-class services at one of our many locations throughout NSW and QLD.

Finding comfortable and easy to wear hearing aids should not be a hassle. At Manning Audiology, your convenience is a priority. We provide customised devices that are built to last.

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Your hearing needs are different and must be addressed precisely. Our team consists of experts who have years of training and experience. With us, find the joy in listening and become an active part of conversations again!

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While there can be various reasons for a decrease in hearing ability including age, genetics, injury or certain health conditions, there are ample solutions available today that can help you. 

There are many funding options available at our clinics. 

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Online hearing tests can find out if there is a need for further investigation. Visit our clinic today and get a personalised solution that is 100% for you!

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For Children

Difficulties in hearing can make a child fussy and uncomfortable in their surroundings. We can test kids as young as 3 years (*testing of infants below 3 years is also available in selected clinics). Get them tested today!

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For Adults

Looking for aids that meet your lifestyle needs and align with your funding options? We are an independent provider, which means we can offer you a range of hearing options & brands. To learn more, book an appointment today!

For Pensioners

You may be eligible for a FREE subsidised hearing aid from leading manufacturers in the industry! Learn more about the Hearing Serices Program and your eligibility. Book your appointment now!

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Manning Audiology Bulahdelah (NSW)


Bulahdelah Hospital

Phone: 02 5532 6900

Manning Audiology Tuncurry (NSW)
Address: 3/11 Manning St, Tuncurry NSW 2428
Manning Audiology Harrington (NSW)
Address: Shop 8 Harrington waters shopping village, Harrington NSW 2427
Manning Audiology Emerald (QLD)

Address: Emerald Medical Group. Corner Gregory Highway and Pilot Farm Road,
Emerald, Qld 4720.

Phone: 07 4922 4623

Manning Audiology Old Bar (NSW)
Address: Shop 2/43 Old Bar road OLD BAR NSW 2430 Phone: 02 5532 6903
Manning Audiology Rockhampton (QLD)

Address: 3/49 Bolsover Street, Rockhampton, QLD 4700

Phone: 07 4922 4623

Manning Audiology Port Macquarie (NSW)

Address: Shop 45, Bay Street & Cnr Park Settlement City Shopping Centre, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: 02 5532 6902

Manning Audiology Morayfield (QLD)

Address: Shop 44, Morayfield Shopping Centre, QLD, 4506

Phone: 07 3110 2033

Manning Audiology Taree (NSW)
Address: Clarence Centre, 3/46A Wynter Street, Taree NSW 2430