Hearing Test

The very first step for healthy hearing is a hearng test. Our Experienced Audiologists conduct a through investigation of ear and perform comprehensive hearing evaluation of your hearing

Hearing Aid

Being Independent gives us the power to source only the best hearing aids in the market from leading manufacturers. It’s important to choose the right device to cater your needs. Explore our range of devices

Free Hearing Aid

We are affiliated to provide hearing services under Hearing Services program for eligible pensioners. Also we provide hearing care services for eligible persons with industrial deafness under NSW iCare. Call us to enquire your eligibility


For over 4 years, Manning Audiology has been helping people improve their lives through better hearing. Whether you are having a conversation with your family, enjoying a meal at a restaurant, meeting with people at work, out shopping with friends, or taking a walk in the park, hearing well is an essential part in turning up the enjoyment of life.



When it comes to hearing, no one should ever settle for less than the best. Our expertise, combined with our years of experience, ensures that you get the most thorough hearing evaluation and that your individual needs are addressed. People come to us for different reasons. Some need to improve their hearing, some want to protect their hearing and others wish to enhance their enjoyment of music. We’re here to improve the quality of your life with a hearing solution that fits you best, with clarity of sound and a connection to your world.


The reason we offer such a strong guarantee is because we listen. We start by taking the time to discover what you need and what fits the way you live. Be confident we will recommend the hearing system we believe is best for you.

“We’re so committed to you and your hearing that we are confident you’ll find the best solution to your hearing needs with us – 100% guaranteed.”
– Biswajit Sadangi, MSc(Aud), MAudA. – Senior Audiologist and Practice Owner