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Central Auditory Processing Disorder is defined as a condition wherein the person is unable to process, recall, discriminate or correctly identify acoustic information. The evaluation to check if a person has this disorder is crucial as it enables a lot of things to be put into perspective and helps the person get clarity about how they should go about these tasks. Manning Audiology provides this help. 

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An amalgamation of symptoms are associated with CAPD, the most common of them being the inability to distinguish speech in an environment of noise. While other hearing conditions have specific, distinguishable symptoms, this condition can be determined by an exclusion principle since the signs are so varied. 

Manning Audiology has specialists who are well-versed in the diagnosis of CAPD and the further course of action. It most commonly is seen in children in the developing years and thus teachers and parents have an important role to play in noticing when first the signs make an appearance. 

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How is CAPD diagnosed?

The common signs of CAPD are: 

  • Difficulty in recalling what is said in noisy environments or when multiple sounds are presented together
  • A longer processing time of what is asked 
  • Often mishearing sounds and responding wrongly to what is asked 
  • Difficulty in reading aloud

The list isn’t exhaustive as the auditory system is complex and multiple functions come together to enable a person to listen and process and recall sounds correctly. 

Since there is the presentation of multiple interrelated symptoms in this condition, the diagnosis involves ruling out other possible conditions before arriving at the conclusion that what the child has is the Central Auditory Processing Disorder. 

A case history of the child is taken to know about diseases, allergies to certain substances or past episodes of mishearing. Hearing tests are then conducted to ensure that the hearing apparatus is properly functioning and the child can listen to sounds. 

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The testing for CAPD is then done. The child is presented with certain data that they must listen to and confirm they have understood by solving the test. The data is such that not only hearing powers are tested but also distinguising, identification of sounds and demarcating them. The child’s speech is assessed too as the brain functions of processing are being tested and listening and speech goes hand in hand. 

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Solutions that Makes Life Better

While there can be various reasons for a decrease in hearing ability including age, genetic build, injury or certain health conditions, there are ample solutions available today that you can avail of.

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