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Manning Audiology was founded in 2015 by Biswajit Sadangi who is university trained audiologist holding masters degree in Audiology with over 15 years in the area of hearing care, testing and the fitting of digital hearing aids. We opened Manning Audiology with the desire to once again provide the people of local community with access to professional hearing care.

In contrast to other hearing care clinics in the region, Manning Audiology is not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer or global hearing care network. This means we can identify the best treatments for our clients from the full range of available solutions – including tinnitus management, rehabilitation, counselling and hearing aids from all leading manufacturers.


Lack of independence equals a lack of choice

Many people are surprised to learn that hearing aid manufacturers now own most of the hearing clinics in Australia. So when they walk through the doors of those clinics looking for unbiased advice on their treatment, they are walking into a clinic who exists for the sole purpose of pushing the products of their owners.

Rather than being independent, their audiologists are incentivised to sell the owners products, including commissions and keeping their job!

What's Different

At Manning Audiology, we understand the importance of hearing in your life. So, when you come to one of our clinic you can expect to receive a tailored solutions to your hearing needs. Our Audiologists are trained in providing the best personalized solution by performing thorough investigation of your listening needs and plan a complete rehabilitation program for you to achieve your goals easily in less time. 

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