Hearing Test For Pensioners

It is important to get your auditory distress assessed before you make a decision about further treatment. Manning Audiology offers assessments so that you get to the root of the problem and can have it treated in time or provided with assistance. The Australian Government provides schemes for pensioners so that they can avail of compensations during the process. A subsidised diagnostic test will be done by our audiologists. Hearing loss that is untreated can lead to several complications. Get checked in time!

What are the auditory tests for pensioners?

These are done to determine the source of the auditory distress. Bone conduction, pure tone audiometry, speech therapy enable the audiologist to understand what exactly the problem is and then take further steps to resolve it. 

  • Pure tone audiometry is done to check at which frequencies and how well you can hear sounds
  • Bone conduction tests are done when it needs to be determined whether the ear canal is functioning well
  • Speech testing determines the ability to distinguish speech from the background noise and thus, your ability to understand what is going on in the conversation when it occurs in a noisy environment
  • Acoustic Reflex Tests determines the muscle contractions of the middle ear and thus enables the audiologist to determine the location of the hearing problem
  • Tympanometry determines how well the eardrum moves during its response to air pressure
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At Manning Audiology, a comprehensive checkup will be done wherein the problem will be assessed by the audiologists. If you are a pensioner or veteran there are certain schemes available that can assist you with the financial aspects of therapy. Before your assessment, there are certain things points that will help you prepare. Take note of your symptoms and what you feel as these will give the audiologist a clue as to what the problem is. Certain telltale signs such as a ringing in the ears, not being able to hear high-frequency sounds etc. are indications of where the problem may lie.

Why choose Manning Audiology?

Hearing is a subject of extreme importance. At Manning Audiology we believe in people having the right to services that are affordable and cater to their every hearing need. Our foundation rests on:

  • Professional expertise 
  • Affordable services 
  • Audiologists you can trust due to their years of experience
  • Efficient testing and treatment 
  • Industry-approved aids 
  • Premium-quality services 
  • Home visits 
  • Tele-health
  • CAPD evaluation

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Hearing Aid Fitting For Pensioners

How do you receive subsidised hearing aids and services as a pensioner?

In order to avail of the NSW subsidised hearing services, you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of 21 years of age or older: 

  • Be a Pensioner Concession Card holder
  • Be a Department Of Veteran Affairs’ Gold Cardholder
  • Be a Department Of Veteran Affairs’ White Cardholder
  • Be a dependent of a person who falls into the above categories
  • Be a member of the Australian Defence Force

Referred by the Disability Employment Services (Disability Management Services) Program

Solutions that Makes Life Better

While there can be various reasons for a decrease in hearing ability including age, genetic build, injury or certain health conditions, there are ample solutions available today that you can avail of.

The following funding options can be availed at our clinics:

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