Hearing Aids For Pensioners

Pensioners and veterans who have a hearing loss can now have a sigh of relief as the Australian Government has schemes that will be helpful to you. Services are provided at a subsidised cost and you can even avail of hearing aids through these, with compensation. Manning Audiology assists you in the process. 

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Hearing loss is a condition that usually is seen as one advances in age. During this time, there are also other medical expenses that crop up and the last thing we would want those with a hearing loss to feel is helpless. The Australian Government has always strived to provide compensations and services to pensioners by way of which dealing with any medical expenses and conditions is not as much a burden financially. 

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Why does hearing loss occur as age advances?

As a person advances in age, the ears begin to lose their sensitivity to sound and thus age-related hearing loss is seen. Also known as Presbycusis, this condition makes it difficult for people with it to hear what is being spoken, tough to distinguish between noise and speech.

The inner ear comprises nerves that have hair cells that are responsible for the sound being transmitted. Damage of these hair cells hampers the transmission of electrical signals to the brain and sound cannot be perceived. 

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Hearing Aid Fitting For Pensioners

How can you avail of hearing aids for pensioners in NSW?

In order to be eligible for the scheme, you must satisfy the following criteria: 

  • Have a Pensioner Concession Card and in the case of veterans, a Veterans Affairs Card
  • The Australian Government Hearing Services Program will provide you with a form once you get in touch with them. You must fill the form and submit it
  • A hearing services voucher will be obtained which you can use at the time of availing your hearing aids or compensation
  • The hearing aid services can be discussed with our audiologists 
  • Discuss plans about the maintenance of the hearing aids with the audiologist

Hearing aids better the quality of life by enabling you to partake in conversations and not feel isolated. These also help you process what is being said by distinguishing noise from the sound. A chance at better communication!

Why choose Manning Audiology?

Hearing is a subject of extreme importance. At Manning Audiology we believe in people having the right to services that are affordable and cater to their every hearing need. Our foundation rests on:

  • Professional expertise 
  • Affordable services 
  • Audiologists you can trust due to their years of experience
  • Efficient testing and treatment 
  • Industry-approved hearing aids 
  • Premium quality of hearing services 
  • Home visits 
  • Tele-health
  • CAPD evaluation

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Solutions that Makes Life Better

While there can be various reasons for a decrease in hearing ability including age, genetic build, injury or certain health conditions, there are ample solutions available today that you can avail of.

The following funding options can be availed at our clinics:

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