The Manning Audiology team carry out a full range of hearing assessments for children and adults and check your hearing for certain workplace and special activities.

Our Services

Free Hearing Screening

You deserve to keep up to date with your hearing health. So, we designed a FREE hearing screening for you. Book your appointment at the clinic. The free screening includes a basic hearing test. It takes only 15 minutes.

Full diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

Our university qualified Audiologist believes in the requirement of a full test battery approach to identify any underlying problem related to ear, which may otherwise go un-diagnosed. Your audiologist will obtain a detailed case history relevant to your hearing & lifestyle. carefully examination of your ears by using the advanced video otoscopy method. The complete hearing evaluation will be done using both head phone (/insert phones), bone conduction (a tiny bone vibrator will be placed on your mastoid), speech discrimination test, Speech in noise test, Tympanometry (to evaluate your middle ear function), Oto-acoustic emission (to evaluation outer hair cell function). Based on the outcome, your audiologist will explain the results to you and possible treatment options. Free free to call 02 5532 6900 to discuss or book your appointment.

Hearing Test for Children

Hearing is fundamental to a child’s speech development. If you have any doubt about your child’s hearing it’s best to get them tested as soon as possible. We can examine your child’s ears & hearing health, check grommet status, test for middle ear conditions.

ENT Referral : Medicare benefits available. GP Referral : Medicare benefits only available with EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) form completed by a doctor. We can bulk bill in some cases. Pensioners: All services are free or subsidized through the Office of Hearing Services.

Best Hearing Aid Technologies

As we are an independent practice, we procure the best hearing aids from most major hearing aid manufacturers. We have no affiliation with any particular brand or product. Our Audiologist can help you decide the most suitable hearing aid to accommodate your lifestyle needs. We make sure you get the best available technology. Sign up for our news-letter and we will keep you up to date with advancements in technologies and how you can optimize your devices.

All hearing aid we fit come with a 30 day trial period to guarantee your satisfaction. Most devices come with a complementary 3 year warranty period. For details on prices & packages, please call 02 5532 6900.

Major hearing aid brands : Widex, Sivantos (Previously Siemens), Bernafone, Resound, Unitron, Phonak, Oticon


Suffering from tinnitus (ringing, buzzing in your ears)? Tinnitus is a noise that originates from within the ear and affects one or both ears. Our tinnitus expert can evaluate your tinnitus and prepare a tinnitus management plan as well as advise you on the best treatment option to cope with the tinnitus. To learn more about tinnitus download our e-book “Tinnitus – What I Know?”

Our tinnitus treatments are based on clinical studies, unlike other various non-clinical treatments you may have encountered because of this. We are able to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of our treatment.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

We have a wide range of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) in-store, which you can try on for FREE. If would you like a wireless TV headset, a phone or even a home alerting system, you don’t have to wait – you can buy them all in store after trialing. Check our products page for ranges.


If you undertake Industrial work, it is not only important you use ear protection, but also to periodically assess your hearing. We can correspond with your manager/s to organise a free noise assessment of the tools you use and hearing tests specific to work cover rules.


If you suffer from hearing loss due to long term noise exposure at work. We can help you!  Our work-cover approved Audiologist will assess your hearing, including the percentage of industrial deafness and hearing loss (based on age), and refer you to proper legal channels to obtain approval for your worker’s compensation*.

Feel free to call 02 5532 6900 to discuss your options.
* Manning Audiology do not take any responsibility of your hearing compensation claim’s approval.