Technology: Push Tinnitus to background

Technology : Push Tinnitus to background

Modern technology can help subdue tinnitus. The main principle is acoustic stimulation. This means allowing your brain to hear and, therefore, focus on external sound rather than tinnitus.
Hearing instruments
Wearing hearing instruments often both improves hearing and alleviates tinnitus. Because if you can hear better, you can also ignore tinnitus better. Hearing instruments amplify ambient sound and pass it on to the ear. This enables wearers to better focus on the noises, sounds, and tones around them. As attention is placed on pleasant hearing impressions, the scope of tinnitus is reduced. In many cases, users scarcely or don’t hear the tinnitus at all as soon as the hearing instrument is switched on.
Noisers are for people without hearing loss. They look like hearing instruments but do not amplify sounds in the environment. They generate a soft murmur to distract the patient from the tinnitus. Noisers generally offer considerable tinnitus relief.
Tinnitus combined devices
As hearing instruments can only amplify actual ambient noises, they are of little use as tinnitus therapy tools in very quiet hearing environments. This is when hearing instruments with a noiser function can be helpful. In these situations, the noiser can generate a soft noise to distract the patient from the tinnitus. Siemens hearing instruments have various hearing programs that can be selected at the touch of a button: purely hearing instrument function, purely noiser function, or a combination of the two.
The tinnitus function in detail:

  • Separate noiser signal generator
  • Four pre-programmed therapy signals: white noise, pink noise, speech noise and high tone noise
  • Individual fine-tuning of noise program for up to 20 bands
  • Three operating modes: microphone signal only, tinnitus noiser function only, mixed mode
Biswajit Sadangi

Biswajit Sadangi

Biswajit Sadangi is an experienced Clinical Audiologist with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. He is skilled in conduction highly conclusive hearing tests, involves himself in clinical research, offers hearing aids, pediatrics, and hearing aid dispensing. He is regarded as a strong healthcare services professional with a M.Sc. (Aud) focused in Audiology from All India Institute of Speech & Hearing. Biswajit Sadangi is the Director at Manning Audiology.

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