Practical Tips for Hearing Aid Users

Wearing Routine

  • Start to use your hearing Aid(s) first thing in the morning.
  • Ear them all day until you go to bed at night
  • Do not take them off, even if you think you do not need them, e.g. when reading in quiet. This was, you will also hear the doorbell or telephone, and also learn what it’s like to hear with hearing instruments in quiet situations.

Hearing Diary

  • Keep a hearing instrument diary (available at our clinic for free) in which you write down your positive and negative experiences.
  • Listen carefully to the volume and quality of sounds in different hearing situations.
  • Tell your Audiologist about your experience at your next appointment.

Hearing Training

Train your hearing by exposing yourself to various hearing situations. Especially after longer periods of living with hearing loss, dedicated hearing training is recommended – With your Audiologist or at home with dedicated hearing training DVD (obtain a copy from us).