Ear Wax Removal

Many people suffer from ear canal blockages due to ear wax. This may result in a temporary hearing loss, tinnitus, earache, a feeling of pressure in the ears, itchiness or coughing. Manning Audiology provides a professional ear wax (cerumen) removal service using gentle micro-suction techniques.
If you have these symptoms described above, your ear canal may be blocked with wax. Call 02 5532 6900 or book your appointment here

Our Audiologists use a specialised binocular microscope called the Vorotek O-Scope, which allows a clear view of the ear canal and its contents. Depending on each individual’s situation, the ear wax is removed using micro-suction or special ear wax removal tools or a combination of both. This is the gentlest and safest way to remove ear wax and other foreign bodies from the ear canal.

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Ear wax removal for children

We offer ear wax removal services for children over 10 years of age as the child must be able to keep their head still during the procedure. If you have a younger child with ear wax we recommend you try our Ear Wax Removal Spray – you can purchase it at our online shop, or alternatively please see your GP for wax removal. If you are concerned about your child’s hearing, we offer hearing assessments and middle ear function tests for children 3 years and older.