What financial options are available to buy hearing aids?

Funding options to buy hearing aid is versatile at Manning Audiology. We offer various funding options to our customers which includes, funding through office of hearing services, private health funds, payments plans as well as subscription model.

Office of Hearing Services Funding

Office of Hearing Services, provides hearing voucher (through online portal accessed by hearing service provider) to eligible pensioners and veterans. This voucher covers all costs related to hearing assessment. For buying hearing aids, voucher provides certain amount towards hearing aids, fitting charges, maintenance, repairs etc. Mostly entry level hearing aids are fully covered under the voucher, which means you don’t have to pay for hearing aids, they are FREE. You only pay OHS annual maintenance fee. Where as if you decide to buy top-up hearing aids (more advanced technologies) then after the subsidy, you may need to pay the gap. On your hearing consultation, speak with your audiologist about your options.

Private Health Funds

Many private health insurances cover a certain amount ($500 – $1800*) towards purchase of hearing aids. The amount varies from health fund to health fund as well as dependent on the level of cover you are on. *Check with your private health fund about your eligibility towards hearing aids.

Workers Compensation

If your hearing loss is mostly attributed to working in noisy industry of work related noise exposure, then you may be eligible to obtain hearing aids through NSW work cover. Eligibility criteria varies widely depending a number of criteria. You can contact us to know whether you may be eligible to claim for hearing aids. If approved by NSW workcover, hearing aids will be fitted to you at no cost (which will be paid by insurance company).

Tax Benefit

If you are buying hearing aids, you may be eligible to receive tax benefit up to 20%* of the cost of hearing aids. *Your accountant will be able to provide you with more information on your eligibility.

Payment Plans –

At Manning Audiology, we offer payment plans to purchase your hearing aids to make it easily affordable. Check with our Audiologist about the payment plan

Subscription Model –

If you want us to take care of your hearing without any fuss in future, you will like our subscription model. Subscription model will provide you peace of mind about your ongoing hearing care at Manning Audiology without any heavy investments. Choose from 3 flexible subscription models to suit your personal requirements.