Hearing Protection

Hearing is Precious. Protect it.

If you are in noisy environments, whether at work or during leisure activities it is important to protect your hearing from noise damage with appropriate hearing protectors.

Permanent hearing damage can occur to your ear and auditory nerves if you are exposed to loud noise. This is called a Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).  In addition, exposure to loud noise can bring on or exacerbate tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  Have you experienced the muffling of sound and high pitch ringing in your ears after a loud music gig?  Then you have experienced some of the damage that loud noise can cause. Your hearing is precious.

At Manning Audiology we specialize in making custom earplugs for hearing protection; these are individually shaped to your ears. Compared to “off the shelf” generic ear plugs, they have the advantage of being;

  • more comfortable to wear
  • longer lasting
  • easy to insert
  • securely fit in the ear 
  • more discreet

Our audiologists can recommend the right custom earplugs for you and ensure that they will provide you with sufficient protection from loud sounds and also allow you to hear the sounds you need to hear. For example; musicians earplugs allow you to hear the details in the music in a quieter and safer way.

We offer a range of custom earplugs:

  • For people in noisy places at work or leisure
  • For musicians
  • For sleeping
  • For swimming
  • For shooting