Hearing Loss – Evidence to Look for

You should always pay attention to whether your child is listening and responding appropriately to a noise. A lack of response may indicate a hearing loss. In some cases it is difficult to detect mild forms of hearing loss, such as hearing loss in only one ear. Important: Always remember that even a slight hearing loss negatively affect the child’s ability to learn by listening.

General warning signs of hearing loss:

A family member or teacher has concerns because:

    • The hearing
    • Delays or differences in speech and language development
    • Lack of attention or behavior problems
    • Poorer school performance than expected
    • The child does not respond when someone speaks outside its field of view, even if it is only slightly deflected
    • A startled or surprised look when the child realizes that his name was called – at normal or even fairly high volume
  •  The question is often, “What?” And “Huh?”
  • The child observes the facial expressions of people speaking very attentive
  • The child has difficulty understanding speech in background noise
  • The child sits in the vicinity of the TV when the volume is sufficient for other
  • The child represents the television or stereo / cassette player / CD player excessively loud a
  • The child does not respond to voices on the phone or the phone is constantly changing from one ear to the other
  • It scares not at loud noises
  • It can not properly locate the source of a sound