Assistive Listening Devices

care phoneAmplified Phone with Picture Dialing for Seniors
This user friendly corded phone has 6 large one touch picture memory buttons. Simply save the phone number to one of the 6 buttons, then place a photograph of the person whose number is saved underneath the protective cover. That photograph then identifies your one touch dial button.

This is the perfect phone for persons suffering from memory loss, moderate to severe hearing loss and or low vision.

alertingHome Alerting Systems

Are you concerned that you rarely get calls, visits from family? Do you have trouble listening to your alarm or smoke alarm? Perhaps your friends and family have expressed that you are sometimes difficult to reach by phone or that there is no one to answer the door. Take a trial at our clinic for FREE & see how well this works


Personal Amplifier

Spending time with friends and family is a pleasant break from everyday life. But it can also become very tiring if you have to struggle to hear what people are saying. A personal amplifier will help you to hear the words loud and clear.

square_louped_rs_180_01_sq_sennheiserDigital Wireless headphones

A private, fulfilling home theater experience is easy with this audiophile-grade wireless headphone system. It provides lifelike sound reproduction, Automatic Level Control and balance control for up to 4 receivers. Approved by Office of hearing services to be used for people with hearing loss for better entertainment.

measures-wrist-receiver-478x410Wrist receiver

The Visit wrist receiver notifies you with vibrations when the doorbell or telephone rings, when your baby needs you or if the smoke alarm goes off. It’s our smallest receiver to date. Wear it around your wrist so you can always be reached.