During the times of current COVID-19 CRISIS, we are providing Tele-hearing care Services with Remote Assistance for Hearing Device* Adjustment

* Remote Hearing Device Programming is available for selected models

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Getting a hearing test was never easier than now. Use our online Hearing Check tool to know where your hearing health is at. Use your mobile device or tablet to use this online hearing test.

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When it comes to hearing, no one should ever settle for less than the best. Our expertise, combined with our years of experience, ensures that you get the most thorough hearing evaluation and that your individual needs are addressed. People come to us for different reasons. Some need to improve their hearing, some want to protect their hearing and others wish to enhance their enjoyment of music. We’re here to improve the quality of your life with a hearing solution that fits you best, with clarity of sound and a connection to your world.

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For over 4 years, Manning Audiology has been helping people improve their lives through better hearing. Whether you are having a conversation with your family, enjoying a meal at a restaurant, meeting with people at work, out shopping with friends, or taking a walk in the park, hearing well is an essential part in turning up the enjoyment of life.